Momentary Lapse

A brief lapse in coverage, a new home and a fresh perspective

As I Was Saying | May 2017
A Re-Introduction from Ryan Brusca

Every cyclist interprets their experience on a bike in a different way. Personally, the sport has always been my escape. A shit day in the real world just isn’t worth a second thought when your mind is bent on the trail. Hard rides have a way of clearing the mind and bringing focus. While burning a lap through one of my local trails last fall, I had a realization that mountain biking had become a metaphor for my life. Crossing over the trails on which I honed my skills, once impassable obstacles were painlessly maneuvered. Thoughtless, I rode through the course fluidly and unhindered. Slowly, I was aware, that familiarity was eroding the sense of adventure once so abundant, ultimately stalling my growth as a cyclist. Life itself, at least my own, has held similar experiences. During Mountain Bike Tales’ winter break, I found the excitement of exploring my home in Austin, TX had turned to a comfort of effortless navigation. Suddenly, the sense that it was time to move on dawned on me and I started making my move. So, after a short stint in the hills of Central Texas, my adventures have led me to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It is from my new headquarters in Kirkland, WA that I launch a new approach and shine fresh vision into my coverage of mountain bike culture.

The world of mountain biking is a boundless adventure. Every community expresses their love for the sport in different ways and I'm here to discover that diversity. Follow me as I explore the sport from my new home base in the Pacific Northwest, and beyond, as seen from the saddle.

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Das Rant


CG says a sitcom came out this season that looks an awful lot like what he does here at MBT. Surprisingly it isn’t about just sleeping, eating and complaining.

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On The Pedals

By Jason Giacchino

Jason bought a drone to film the sport from above only to end up not filming the sport from above and then having to buy a second drone. Somehow he isn’t bitter.

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Interview with Scott Connors

By Ryan Brusca

Ryan sits down with Skibowl Bike Learning Center’s Scott Connors to rap on the future of Mt. Hood Downhill and what makes Oregon such a hot riding destination in general.

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