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September 2006

September means a Labor Day holiday. Don't labor, go out and ride!

On The Pedals
What's wrong with mountain bike racing that we're not on TV? Jason has been thinking about it and is trying to put the pieces together.
The Daily Grind
It's been HOT the last few weeks, but Rob's found yet another way to get out on a bike without cooking like an egg. Maybe he's just nuts?

Tech: Bike Build - Part 1
In this series of articles, we tackle the often daunting task of building a bike from the frame up.
Why the Local Bike Shop?
In an age of internet bargains, the question often arises; why spend more at a local bike shop? We delve into the ups and downs of dealing with a qualified small business versus an internet chain or mega store.
Bike Review: Iron Horse Warrior Pro
Iron Horse is making a name in the industry with great high end offerings paired with good low end offerings such as the Warrior Pro. See what we liked and didn't like.
Represent: Turner Flux
This month we're again straying from representing your favorite trails. Our readers are coming through with their own submissions, however, and this month YOU, our readers, are at the wheel, representing the Turner Flux.
Abby's talking about one of our personal favorite topics: eating. Athletes need a special diet, and we're giving you the special low down.
August is gone like a beer after an epic, the light is waning, and the questions keep coming.
Bike Review: Ibex Zone
Ibex is back with a vengence. Their Zone FR-1 maye be priced as an entry level freeride rig, but it performs more like a World Cup machine. After some time aboard the FR-1, we're here to tell you the pros and cons of the new kid on the block.
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