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April 2006

On The Pedals This month Jason talks about breathing new life into MBT and a 17 month birthday (a year and 5 months for those who need a calculator). The Daily Grind In his new column, Rob documents the long path to his own version of biking Nirvana.
Over The Bars Follow the evolution of a rider as Beth loses her training wheels and finds peace in the woods. Steps To Success Does the mere thought of climbing that tough grade make you cry? Abby delves into the technique behind climbing to make YOU a force to be reckoned with on the trails.
Interview: Kinley Bicycles While the reviews of Kinley Bicycles (Laguna California) speak for themselves, we catch up with founder Beuno Mischke, who shares what it's like to switch gears mid-career to take a chance on doing something you love.
Ask MBT Got a question? Want to know which fork, derailleur or wheels to purchase? Need help with a new bike? Looking for the meaning of life? Look for your answers here or drop us a line. (We're not currently telling anyone the meaning of life, that is, not until we copyright it first) Exiled Are bikers second-class citizens? Maybe not, but their bikes may very well be. Beth takes on her landlord and explains how a little respect goes a long way.
Greenhorn This month, Mike talks about what it's like getting reacquainted with an old, neglected friend, and the best way to deal with indicision. Both Sides of the Mirror Ahh, spring. That time of year when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of.....dirt. Rob discusses the spring bloom and reflects on the Ides of March, in bike terms.
Represent Who represents and what do they represent? Riders represent their favorite trails, loops and locations. In our inagural issue, Rob shoulders the task of riding and representing Newburgh, NY's Stewart Buffer Zone.